Movies speak directly to memory and a sense of identity. For me, the love of movies started with John Hughes, and the sense of self-realization and nostalgia that his films embody. Wanting to explore how other tie memory and a sense of identity to film, I created Lost and Found and Lost Again, a book that serves as a collection of anonymous responses regarding memory and film. Meant to resemble a journal or diary, the book uses a combination of graphic elements along with handwriting and sketches taken directly from my personal journals to create a sense of warmth throughout the book. The color yellow is used repeatedly to represent the warmth we tend to associate with memory, particularly memory of childhood. 


Accompanying the book is a super cut of John Hughes’ films, a collection of my favorite scenes set to the song Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. The song becomes “the sound” of the book, and creates a sense of nostalgia that emulates the book.